Herbal Cigarettes

Herbal cigarettes are a healthier alternative to cigarettes that contain tobacco and nicotine, and are also used for smoking cessation. They have certain health benefits, as well as disadvantages. Read on to learn more about herbal cigarettes.

Herbal cigarettes are fast emerging as a popular and healthier alternatives to regular cigarettes, that can cause many health hazards. Herbal cigarettes contain natural, herbal and organic ingredients and contain no tobacco or nicotine. Smoking herbal cigarettes causes minimal damage to health and they are also used as an aid to quit smoking or to overcome the need for nicotine. Many researchers have claimed, contrary to the popular belief that herbal cigarettes are a safe option, that they may contain certain substances that are not safe. This, however, has not affected the popularity and the use of herbal cigarettes.

What do Herbal Cigarettes Contain?
Herbal cigarettes are completely free of nicotine, tobacco and other chemicals, that the regular cigarettes contain. Their contents include different kinds of herbs and natural products like corn silk, marshmallow leaves, rose petals, red clover flowers, passion flowers, etc. and are also available in different flavors like cinnamon, lemon grass and mint. Herbal cigarettes usually do not contain psychoactive substances, but a few brands may add mild psychoactive substances to their herbal cigarettes. To improve their taste and aroma, they may also contain vanilla, gingseng, jasmine or menthol. Herbal cigarettes are made by powdering all the herbs together. They are mixed well in a mixer and liquid clarified butter is added to the mixture. This mixture is then filled in the cigarette paper tubes, by machines designed for this purpose. A filter tip is attached to the tubes and the cigarettes are packed in boxes or packets.

Health Benefits of Smoking Herbal Cigarettes
Smoking herbal cigarettes, instead of cigarettes that contain tobacco and nicotine, has certain health benefits.

  • Herbal cigarettes are safe and healthier as compared to tobacco cigarettes.
  • smoking  herbal cigarettes is beneficial for those who wish to get rid of their addiction to tobacco and nicotine, that is, for smoking cessation.
  • The herbs that herbal cigarettes contain, can cure many diseases and can also promote good health.
  • Herbal cigarettes are also known to improve the quality of voice and are soothing to the throat.
  • The herbs they contain improve the functioning of the digestive system and prevent digestive disorders.
  • The herbs do not have any negative effect on the mental and physical health of the cigarette smoker. In fact, it helps calm and relax the senses and has a soothing effect on the nerves.

Are Herbal Cigarettes Really Safe?
Whether or not herbal cigarettes are really safe, has been a debatable issue. Researchers claim that smoke of any kind, if inhaled, is dangerous. Though herbal cigarettes are tobacco and nicotine free, they are known to produce harmful substances like tar, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide which, if inhaled, can prove to be very harmful for the body. High concentration of carbon monoxide can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, while tar burns the tiny hairlike structures found in the bronchial tube, which can lead to lung diseases like lung cancer and bronchitis. These substances produced by herbal cigarettes are hazardous to the environment as well. Herbal cigarettes also tend to promote teen smoking and smoking among women. Citing these reasons, a few researchers have concluded that smoking herbal cigarettes is as harmful and dangerous as smoking regular cigarettes.